House of Peroni 2019


The House of Peroni offers an insider’s view of the most inspiring fashion talent of tomorrow.

The eight emerging House of Peroni designers

The eight emerging House of Peroni designers

London Fashion Week is the apotheosis of emerging talent. Like a large, rare egg, London contains vital substances, yolking fresh designers season upon season. Christopher Kane, Henry Holland and Erdem cracked the scene many seasons ago and recent births are found in Molly Goddard, Phoebe English and Matty Bovan.

These hallowed names won notoriety by rousing the fashion media. Yet the chance for new creatives to find first flight from inspiring the public at the get-go, is, well almost unheard of. Until now.

Welcome to The House of Peroni 2019. Italian beer brand, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, searched far and wide for the most outstanding design hopefuls to enter their ‘Home of Emerging Talent’ programme. Hundreds of budding designers applied to receive a seven-month residency in a fully-equipped studio space complete with mentorship from established industry figures, media exposure and presentation space in London Fashion Week.

So where do the public come in? From 27th February to 9th March, guests of The House of Peroni have first dibs at seeing the winning designers’ vision. Featuring eight distinctive spaces inspired by the work of the selected designers, guests are transported into an otherworldly style haven.

Setting the scene at The House of Peroni

Setting the scene at The House of Peroni

Handpicked by a creative council including Jonathan Saunders, Pandora Sykes and Anna Orsini, these creatives are the maverick masterminds of tomorrow. Enveloped in spaces including a multi-sensorial Future and Sci-Fi area, a Nature and Maximalism room and a Sicilian sky, animated with shafts of light making an ever-shifting pool of movement, the evocative experience cements memories. Visitor's won’t forget the first moments they discovered these future fashion leaders.

Rose Danford-Philips AW19

Rose Danford-Philips AW19

The names in question? Hannah Wallace, Matthew Duffy, Joel Boyd, Kyle Lo Monaco, Daniel Crabtree, Pelin Isildek, Stacey Wall and Rose Danford-Philips. We’ll be profiling selected designers so watch this space.

Pelin Isildek AW19

Pelin Isildek AW19

The talent doesn’t just stop at fashion. Whilst encased in The House of Peroni’s visual enchantment, Peroni cocktails are there to increase the creative juices. Dreamt up by upcoming bar talent, Sam Taylor from Manchester’s Science and Industry and brought to the fore by Perone’s world-renowned Master of Mixology, Simone Caporal, zesty treats and beer infused tipples enhance an environment of fresh tastes.

The House of Peroni can be found at Unit 6, Covent Garden. To get tickets to attend, head to the Fever site here.


Matcha and Beyond


What’s a girl to do upon discovering a distaste for the most mood-boosting treat around? Open an entire haven dedicated to the stuff of course. An unlikely action? Not for nutritional therapist Olivia Nottin, founder of King’s Road speciality café, Matcha + Beyond.

“I didn’t even like matcha before” Olivia laughs. “Of course, I knew all about its benefits. How it ups focus, increases metabolism and does wonders for immunity. Naturally, with my work, I embrace health-focused foods. So I just couldn’t understand why Matcha and me weren’t working out”.

If Olivia were to have looked far back for wise words to solve her conundrum, direction may have been sought through the perennially relevant Thomas Fuller. ‘Seeing is believing but feeling is truth’ wrote the great writer and intellectual in 1732. Here, Fuller tells us that what we see first, is not the fullest, most rich experience. Instead interrogate further and our pre-conceived notions give way to a new, deeply personal way of feeling our truth.

Looking beyond obvious first-sights, this determined health-lover followed a Fullerian path. Far from content with tasteless, bitter and milky matcha lattes, Olivia searched beyond the surface of London’s matcha market. She didn’t want to just see frothy-green insta-worthy images. She wanted to feel why keen matcha disciples were declaring this emerald powder their anti-oxidant de rigeur.


Then, the moment happened. A friend brought Olivia some real-deal matcha all the way from travels in Japan. The boom-reaction occurred. “It was amazing- instantly I totally got it”. The pantheon of starry souls obsessed with this green-tea powder suddenly drew nearer to Olivia’s understanding. With devotees ranging from obvious names like Gwyneth Paltrow to more surprising tasters including Drake to time-honoured wiseman such as 12th Century Buddhist monk Eisei, matcha brings a rich variant of fans.

But it is the purest variety that made for Olivia’s realisation. “I couldn’t get enough of it.” In delving beyond initial preconceptions, she made it her mission to fly to Japan, meet independent producers and source a punchy ceremonial grade hit.

Next on her flightpath? To bring her findings back to London’s wellbeing apostles, sweet-treat lovers and see-you-next-time patrons. So rose the idea for Matcha and Beyond. “I wanted everyone to feel the intensity of matcha. But also have options. Have a milky matchaccino. Or a smooth silken latte. Or just a pure double matcha shot. Just like you could find on any coffee shop menu” effuses Olivia. “It’s why every member of staff has been rigorously trained as a matcharista”.

matcha 3.jpg

The space itself is an ode to the calming effect of green. A botanical wall flavours the cafe, refracting a chameleonic range of emerald shades that run in the marbled crockery, evergreen plants and assortment of matcha treats lining the counter. The balance mixes with neutral, earthy furniture, brass finishes and coral cushioning.

Snuggled between The Ivy Chelsea Garden and Chelsea Town Hall, regulars form daily lines, desperate to satiate sweet-toothed pangs with verdant layers of velveteen matcha cake. Appetites pique with a lunchtime offering of kale greek salad, jewelled quinoa and kimchi toastie. Clearly Olivia’s looked beyond Matcha’s most obvious tropes. Here is a space that is not only seen on Insta feeds, it is to be felt in all its green-powdery variety. Thomas Fuller would be proud.


Art of the Wild with Perrier-Jouët

Perrier-Jouët and The Mandrake hotel’s #artofthewild collaboration offers an enchanting escapade from our urban jungle.

Foraging for Perrier-Jouët champagne.

Foraging for Perrier-Jouët champagne.

Dashing through our vast metropolis, London isn’t exactly the expected site for foraging trips. Yes our city wilderness is alive with roaring creatures, namely towering cranes, rippled pavements and everyday explosions for the imagination. Yet at the end of a 9-5, our urban jungle doesn’t exactly signpost us to botanical paradise.

But what if our concrete paths gave way to a whimsical world? A space for noise and chaos to be replaced by artistic interpretations of nature? It’s time to be enveloped by Perrier-Jouët’s collaboration with the Mandrake Hotel.

Summer may have sunken out of sight, but the magic of alfresco secrets are still there to be discovered by eyes that search. In this two week collaboration, boutique Fitzrovia hotel The Mandrake is opening its private terrace for wanderers and wonderers to seek out a whirl of unearthly delights.

A table all set; champagne bubbles are there to be discovered amongst the Mandrake hotel’s flora and fauna.

A table all set; champagne bubbles are there to be discovered amongst the Mandrake hotel’s flora and fauna.

Amongst a sanctum of palm trees, jasmine flowers, hanging passionflowers and glass towers, sensuous stories can be experienced through a fortnight-long event series. Think champagne tastings, champagne paired brunch, lunch and dinners, floristry masterclasses and artful installations running from 18th October to 3rd November.

Perrier-Jouët’s #Artofthewild takes design inspiration from a hybrid mix of Art Nouveau partnered with the neon glow of light installation from artist collaboration, Luftwerk. The result? An otherworldly sphere where wild nature enjoys luminous dimensions.

Amongst the flora and fauna, Perrier-Jouët expert, Jonny Fizz is on-hand to lead tastebuds through a chimeric champagne trail. In this hidden realm, curious foragers are certain to discover bubbles beyond our everyday reality.

Click here to discover more and book tickets to #Artofthewild.

Words by Charlotte Brohier.