we are lifestyle magazine

The idea

Almost all media these days are filled with scandals, celebrity gossips, and lifestyle tips that simply migrate from one periodical to another. We at Hedonist wanted to offer something different — pages that aren't filled with faces that are familiar to the point of boredom, but instead tell stories of common people who are no less interesting; so we had the idea to create a magazine for – and about – 'common' yet amazing people. That's why our magazine is interactive – we encourage our readers to send in their images, stories and profiles, which may well become the content of our next issue, enabling our audience to be active and create the content themselves.


What is inside?

Hedonist Magazine presents the concept of the unique glossy lifestyle biannual: a magazine published twice a year as a definitive guide to the real McCoy stories, free from annoying celeb gossips. It has been the new periodical, but now one of the most growing magazines in London with the highly increasing worldwide audience.

Every issue comprises main sections: Photography, Fashion & Beauty, Art, Music, and Life Stories. Also, a lot of entertaining supplemental material can be found on the magazine's pages.

This is a magazine that provides a perspective on both long - running issues and everything that is hot right now. We pick images and stories that we think will interest our readers the most.


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  • Frequency: once a year
  • Format: 210 x279 mm / A4 / Portrait