we are lifestyle magazine

The idea

Almost all media these days are filled with scandals, celebrity gossips, and lifestyle tips that simply migrate from one periodical to another. We at Hedonist wanted to offer something different — pages that aren't filled with faces that are familiar to the point of boredom, but instead tell stories of common people who are no extraordinary.  To get caught up in a world that most of us can only dream of is simply nothing but a distraction from the beauty and wonder of the world around us; the people, the places, the wisdom and wit, style and swagger of the common man.



What is inside?

Hedonist Magazine presents the concept of the unique glossy lifestyle quarterly: a magazine published as a definitive guide to the real and honest perspectives of extraordinary people, away from trivial celebrity gossip and tabloid cliché. 

We’re one of the fastest growing magazines in London with a rapidly increasing global audience, covering everything from Fashion and photography to politics and anything in-between.  We pride ourselves on our uniqueness; aside from our usual editorial pieces on extraordinary individuals from all walks of life, we ask our contributors to write about the world around them; their thoughts, views and opinions on subjects that matter to them, and that they think will matter to you.   


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  • Frequency: Approximately quaterly; we put no timelimit on quality content.
  • Format: 210 x279 mm / A4 / Portrait