Dimensions by Miguel Dare

Miguel Dare presents his hotly anticipated second mix-tape: Dimensions, in two parts.

In part one, a departure from his notorious floor-filler style, Miguel showcases a sultry leftfield sound with tracks from artists such as FKA Twigs and Kelela, alongside ones-to-watch Etta Bond and Roses Gabor, whilst maintaining a nod to his origins as a DJ with classic appearances from Beyoncé and Janet Jackson.

Dimensions Part 2 continues the smoky laid-back theme of its predecessor, blending down tempo hip-hop with shimmering RnB influences. Includes tracks from Bryson Tiller, SZA, Willow Smith, Jhene Aiko, ASAP Rocky and an unreleased exclusive from Delilah.
Inspired by his performances at Field Day and Latitude this year, Dimensions is a reflective, matured sound proving Miguel as dexterous a selector sound-tracking the after-party as he is the rave.


Amy Wine house has been immortalised as an Angel with the British flag as her wings by the established street artist Pegasus in partnership with the Amy Winehouse Foundation

With last month being the fourth anniversary since Amy's death, the Amy Winehouse Foundation has joined up with the street artist Pegasus to celebrate Amy's life with this artwork titled Amy. By coming together they hope to raise awareness and support for the Foundation that continues to keep Amy's memory alive through supporting, informing and inspiring vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Pegasus is perhaps best known for his first street piece of Amy titled Fallen Angel, the stencil of Amy was on the side of a Camden information centre (Starbucks) and was whitewashed over before being repainted and 'opened' by Winehouse's mother Janis in December 2013. The artwork became the site of an unofficial shrine for Ms Winehouse in the days after the singer's death in 2011. This is the first time since Amy's death that Pegasus and the Amy Winehouse Foundation have come together and Pegasus has donated all proceeds from the Amy merchandise to The Foundation.

Pegasus who is collected by Simon Cowell, Adele, Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian amongst others has created this beautiful painting to celebrate the life of Amy. Amy is depicted as an angel with her wings painted as the British flag, Amy is wearing a red polka dot dress and her trademark hair, tattoos and the stud above her mouth are all purposefully visible.

Pegasus said: "I am so pleased that my Amy Angel work means so much to people. I love Amy and the world is a much poorer place without her. Her legacy will be remembered forever and the work the Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing is testimony to her kindness and love for others."

The Amy Winehouse Foundation said: "We're really excited to be launching our brand new range of merchandise in

collaboration with the street artist Pegasus. Pegasus has been a keen supporter of the Foundation's work since 2013 and we are so excited to finally be working with him on a range of merchandise, with all proceeds coming to the Amy Winehouse Foundation."

Pegasus is currently completing a new body of work for his up coming solo exhibition in North London this November.

His original artworks and his limited edition prints are available from Hawkins & Blue.

The Amy artwork has been reproduced into t-shirts and other merchandise and will be available at - https://amywinehousefoundation.pressup.io/pegasus.

Visit the Amy Winehouse Foundation website- http://www.amywinehousefoundation.org.

The Foundation continues to help tens of thousands of vulnerable young people across the UK and abroad, supporting them to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and many other difficult issues. They do this by working alongside a wide range of specialist organisations and other charities whose expertise allows them to get help to the young people who need it most.

It also runs its own programmes. The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme is a groundbreaking drug & alcohol awareness and prevention programme for secondary schools. Evaluated by academics at Harvard University and delivered in partnership with Addiction, the programme is currently delivered in more than 40 schools across the UK Amy's Yard is a 14-week programme that supports talented young people to gain the confidence and necessary skills to enable them to become self-sustaining music artists, using Amy's own studio.

The limited edition print (edition of 150) of Amy is now available exclusively through the Hawkins & Blue website.

Hawkins & Blue are donating 5% from every purchase to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.


MDGallery is pleased to present Liu Bolin’s new series of work: “THE HACKER SERIES” opening in London on September 3rd, 2015. For this series Liu Bolin has hacked institutional websites such as the French embassy in London where some images have been altered. He has taken away the original image to replace it with one of his. Barely visible the artist hides in those pictures. The only thing one can see is the light in his hand. It is a light he tries to shed on reality. As the artist shares “in my latest solo show I explore what, in an era of intense virtualization, remains real. Is what we see really what we get?” 

“With this new step I am no longer the “Invisible Man”, I am more an art whistleblower trying to raise the awareness of people about the power of images”, adds Liu Bolin. By hacking institutional websites and changing one of their images Liu Bolin wishes to reflect upon the internet era and where the real power lays. The series is like a performance inside the worldwide web. Internet changes the way people communicate and how they get the information. “It is the beginning of a new world”, says Liu Bolin, the “Network Age” will have the humans change. In opposition to our traditional philosophy, people are now facing a new challenge in terms of ethics and legal values. It is a dive into the unknown. Liu Bolin adds: “There is always a deeper meaning to an image, it questions the human soul and spirit. In this new series I challenge the power of the images changing the original ones. It is an attempt to start a war against the images”. 

Liu Bolin is part of this generation of Chinese artists who are very sensitive to political, economic, social and environmental transformations of their country. With his series "Hiding in the City", started in 2005, he became a national and international symbol, sometimes admired, sometimes controversial. From this period he is still working on this approach and he brushes himself from head to feet with the aim to hide himself in various places. Each time he chooses supermarkets, historical monuments or jewels of architecture which become symbols of the contemporary society. His works, between "photography and performance" according to art critic Philippe Dagen, reveals the delicate balance of our modern world. In this exhibition, Liu Bolin continues his own thinking on the evolution of the society and gives us a look particularly relevant on the contemporaneity. Nowadays recognized all over the world as one of the most famous photographers of his generation; Liu Bolin doesn’t lack of daring. This exhibition is the occasion for Magda Danysz gallery to present this famous Chinese artist in London for the first time. 


Liu Bolin, The Hacker series: Exhibition opening September 3 - October 10, 2015
61 Charlotte Street, London, 5 – 9pm

LARA QUINT collection HANNIBAL FW`15-16

While working on the fall-winter collection, the designer was absorbed by the novel of Thomas Harris who tells the story of Hannibal Lecter – a talented surgeon, psychiatrist and serial killer practicing cannibalism. 

Being impressed by Lecter’s good manners, LARA QUINT created long tailor-made coats and comfortable trouser suits with blooming purple and bright orange tulips. Famous Norwegian artist Ashkan Honarvar followed the designer’s idea. 

Exclusively for LARA QUINT he has drawn out 10 prints to decorate strait waistcoats, transparent silk blouses, sweatshirts and anti-fit jeans. 

Hannibal Lecter highly estimated beauty and art. By eating flesh he aspired to cognize the depth of a human soul. A modern individual is actually eating himself, trying to cover the inner emptiness with surface gloss. That’s what Honarvar’s pictures on LARA QUINT apparel manifest. 

«Now when the world where we live has coarsen our hearts and made them insensitive to the manifestations of depravity and debauchery, sometimes it is useful for us to look at things which are the embodiment of evil and yet able to awaken our obedient conscience from the deep sleep of indifference, conscience which is very similar to the dough». 

Lara Quint is a winner of BE NEXT and Design It contests. Her collections were presented during Fashion Scout London, MBKFD и UFW, at such fashion platforms as Art Georgia in Paris and ORIGIN Passion and Beliefs with the assistance of Not Just a Label. The designer had an internship in Tatiana Parfionova fashion house. The collections of Lara Quint fashion brand were featured by Vogue.it, Vogue Ukraine, L’OFFICIEL Italia, Style.com, Nowfashion.com, Glamour Magazine etc. 

Ashkan Honarvar is a painter and collagist from Norway. He has graduated with a BFA Visual Arts & Communication. He took part in more than 50 exhibitions all over the world (7 of them were personal). The articles about Ashkan Honarvar’s art were published in Dazed and Confused, Schön! Magazine, Vogue (UK, Germany, Italy, France), iD-Magazine, Interview, L’Officiel Netherlands etc.




Designer +38 097 637 04 19

PR: +380677368143

Hedonist Sex Issue Launch party

Dear all! We have celebrated the launch of our 6th Issue and we are so pleased you were able to make it to our party! We were happy to introduce THE SEX ISSUE and to present the previous ones. Hope you enjoyed the evening with booze, sexy extravaganza, popcorn, a photobooth, the ball pool and the kinky spirit! ;) 

Thanks to everyone who came to share the evening with us!


Cirque le Soir for a beautiful venue

Alex Dunstan and Julian Polak at Masked PR for organising this event for us

DJs Tropical J of Beast Mode and Lana Palumb for proving cool music

Celia Lager for providing gluten-free beer at the party

Amber Baverstock, the photographer, for making possible to post these images here

Our 6th issue is out and on sale!


The issue is dedicated to sexual stories covered from different angles: exciting, controversial, informative and entertaining, beautiful, provocative and revealing.

A range of relating stories is covered: interviews with sex industry people and entertaining reviews on the subject. 

In addition, our special guests:

  • Howard Raymond, heir to Paul Raymond, the real estate magnate, club owner and pornographer known as the "King of Soho" and
  • Jeffrey Daniel, singer and dancer who taught Michael Jackson a moonwalk will tell their life stories.
  • Emma Hack, an artist who is known for her photographs of painted naked human bodies that visually merges with a patterned background wall. She did work for Gotye's award winning music video "Somebody That I Used To Know".

And, as usual, a lot of beautiful fashion stories!




An exclusive chance to get your fashion on

Sip on your prosecco as you are presented with exclusive new collections from emerging African designers, and check out a unique drumming and dance performance by African dancer Diene Sagna. As part of the Transcending Boundaries series, this exclusive fashion event is set within an exhibition of 35 Contemporary West African artists curated by Aabru Art. A night of entertainment, art, dance and all the fashion you can handle. Over 18s only.

Tickets includes free-flowing prosecco all night.


SATURDAY 9 MAY 4pm-7pm
Only 50 tickets available! (£28)

Lacey Contemporary Gallery and Lavino Moda Productions are proud to invite you to an unique and exciting event: AFRICAN FUSION - an Artistic Fashion Show featuring curated collections from emerging African Designers and a live performance from renowned African dancer Diene Sagna.

Guests of the AFRICAN FUSION will be treated to welcome drinks, an African Dance/Drumming performance, and exclusive access to new collections from contemporary African Designers.

Explore a side of contemporary West African Culture
in a way you have not seen it before!


Kids Books With Sexual Innuendos Hopefully Only Adults Will Understand

Sure, if you're a kid looking at these, they look totally innocent, but unfortunately when you look at them as an adult, they're outrageously inappropriate. 

That definitely doesn't seem appropriate for children

That's supposed to be a kiss?

No one wants that...

This kid needs to rethink his choices

That's illegal in most places...

Should be careful with those flip books

Pleasure Island doesn't seem like the best place

Please don't do that, your cat will not appreciate it

This sounds like an awful game

So kinky, Teddy Bear

Lion being so aggressive...

That's one way of explaining it

What is happening!?


Can't argue with this

Those seamen!


Mr. Rogers, you are going places

(Source: dose.com)