See the new visual from Pawel Uniatowicz, an artist who composed of 972 photos taken on 27 rolls of photographic film, scanned over 16 hours, followed by a month of editing and post-production. The film is intended to promote Lapanika* - a fusion of space and ideas - and invite people to take part. Lapanika welcomes you to a psychedelic dream-like world where keys float off typewriters, sawing machine turns leaves to clothes and tinfoil pour out of teacups.

Hope, you enjoy it!


In the next issue meet Raphael Mazzucco‭, ‬one of the world's most influential and talented fashion photographers‭, ‬in the new light‭ - ‬as an artist‭. ‬Raphael's arrival onto the art scene has been met with critical acclaim following a two-year tour of exhibitions that traveled the globe‭, ‬presenting his work to Milan‭, ‬Florence‭, ‬Melbourne‭, ‬Los Angeles and culminating in New York‭, ‬and finally‭, ‬in London‭! ‬Hedonist Magazine had a pleasure to be invited to Raphael's private exhibition‭. ‬You can have a look at the event‭ ‬in our small imagery report‭.‬