Type his name into Google and you won’t find much on London-based artist Greighwolfe. But his elusiveness only makes his music more intriguing as it blends dirty blues, funk, indie, pop, R&B and a soulful voice that pines to be heard, and so it should. We at Hedonist know too well the pleasure of unveiling the beauty in art, fashion, photography and music, so after the release of his debut Black, we bring you the Greigh man behind the Wolfe.


Words by Hanna Flint, Photography by Jacobus Snyman

Why is music the only career path for you?

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to do what comes naturally to you and music is definitely the most natural thing to me.

How did you come across your sound?

My sound is an amalgamation of every genre I ever listened to, every band I was ever in, any movie I’ve ever watched and everybody I’ve met along the way. For a long time I tried to make music that I thought the industry wanted, but when I realised that people didn’t connect with it I just went back to making music for myself. People connect with the truth and honesty in my music, which I think is what has brought me to where I am.

What music did your mum and dad raise you on?

My Mum was a disco-dancer, my Step-Dad was a rocker, my estranged Father was a techno DJ and my brother was a rapper, so I had a healthy mix of genres influencing me growing up.

Did that influence your music today? What other artists/bands have influenced you?

Everything inspires me, even this interview may find its way into one of my songs down the line. Growing up I listened to everything but I was mainly into hardcore bands as I was part of the MySpace Era. From Alexisonfire to Every Time I Die to D’Angelo and Justin Timberlake.

Describe your new record?


Gary Clarke Jnr. shares a similar sound to the one presented in Last Night In The City… Who would you compare yourself to currently in the music industry?

I wouldn’t compare myself to anybody, I am who I am, I love the blues and so does Gary Clark Jr, so you may see a comparison, but listening to his album I wouldn’t say we are that similar.

What do you think of the current musical climate and how do you position yourself in it?

I think it’s wonderful, they’re giving a guy like me an opportunity to be heard! I guess I’m fortunate, because I believe I’m the only guy doing what I’m doing at this moment in time so it makes me stand out in a genre that I essentially created for myself.

Where do you hope to hear your songs?

The café in EastEnders, you know you’ve made it when you hear your song in the ol’ café in EastEnders.

How do you see your career panning out and what are your hopes for it?

Once the masses hear what I’m doing, I think it will breathe new life back into the music industry. And as long as I inspire others to make real honest music, I’m happy!

Who would you love to work with?

I’d love to work with Kanye West, Rick Rubin, Usher and Kwabs just to name a few.

What's your top played tracks on your iPod?

My motivational playlist for the gym, consisting of epic movie music!

What makes you stand out from the musical crowd?

The sound, the content, everything is personal to me, so by default I have to stand out, as I’m the only person like myself.

Catch Greighwolfe performing on his Last Night In The City Tour throughout October and November in NYC.

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