Amy Wine house has been immortalised as an Angel with the British flag as her wings by the established street artist Pegasus in partnership with the Amy Winehouse Foundation

With last month being the fourth anniversary since Amy's death, the Amy Winehouse Foundation has joined up with the street artist Pegasus to celebrate Amy's life with this artwork titled Amy. By coming together they hope to raise awareness and support for the Foundation that continues to keep Amy's memory alive through supporting, informing and inspiring vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Pegasus is perhaps best known for his first street piece of Amy titled Fallen Angel, the stencil of Amy was on the side of a Camden information centre (Starbucks) and was whitewashed over before being repainted and 'opened' by Winehouse's mother Janis in December 2013. The artwork became the site of an unofficial shrine for Ms Winehouse in the days after the singer's death in 2011. This is the first time since Amy's death that Pegasus and the Amy Winehouse Foundation have come together and Pegasus has donated all proceeds from the Amy merchandise to The Foundation.

Pegasus who is collected by Simon Cowell, Adele, Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian amongst others has created this beautiful painting to celebrate the life of Amy. Amy is depicted as an angel with her wings painted as the British flag, Amy is wearing a red polka dot dress and her trademark hair, tattoos and the stud above her mouth are all purposefully visible.

Pegasus said: "I am so pleased that my Amy Angel work means so much to people. I love Amy and the world is a much poorer place without her. Her legacy will be remembered forever and the work the Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing is testimony to her kindness and love for others."

The Amy Winehouse Foundation said: "We're really excited to be launching our brand new range of merchandise in

collaboration with the street artist Pegasus. Pegasus has been a keen supporter of the Foundation's work since 2013 and we are so excited to finally be working with him on a range of merchandise, with all proceeds coming to the Amy Winehouse Foundation."

Pegasus is currently completing a new body of work for his up coming solo exhibition in North London this November.

His original artworks and his limited edition prints are available from Hawkins & Blue.

The Amy artwork has been reproduced into t-shirts and other merchandise and will be available at -

Visit the Amy Winehouse Foundation website-

The Foundation continues to help tens of thousands of vulnerable young people across the UK and abroad, supporting them to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and many other difficult issues. They do this by working alongside a wide range of specialist organisations and other charities whose expertise allows them to get help to the young people who need it most.

It also runs its own programmes. The Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme is a groundbreaking drug & alcohol awareness and prevention programme for secondary schools. Evaluated by academics at Harvard University and delivered in partnership with Addiction, the programme is currently delivered in more than 40 schools across the UK Amy's Yard is a 14-week programme that supports talented young people to gain the confidence and necessary skills to enable them to become self-sustaining music artists, using Amy's own studio.

The limited edition print (edition of 150) of Amy is now available exclusively through the Hawkins & Blue website.

Hawkins & Blue are donating 5% from every purchase to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.